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Focusing on Youth in Hiring is Hurting Your Organizational Health

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In the Fall of 1984, Ronald Reagan, at the time the oldest U.S. President in history, was in a fight for re-election. In his first debate with youthful challenger Walter Mondale, he appeared tired and lacking energy. Many began to question his stamina for the job. In the second debate, he was asked a question […]

The Graduate’s 5-Step Guide to Landing Your First Internship or Professional Job

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As an intern at BEST Human Capital & Advisory Group, and as a student at Indiana University, I have experienced a wide range of career courses, internships, resume workshops, and interview processes. The following is a guide and helpful tips to use when navigating the post-graduation world with a focus on entering the professional sector. […]

Ethical v. Corporate Culture: Companies Sending Mixed Messages Impede their Own Growth Opportunities

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Ethical culture?  What’s that? Most people are familiar with corporate culture, often referred to simply as “culture,” but there are actually two cultures that impact the organization.  Korn Ferry, in their February 2016 report Real World Leadership: Create an Engaging Culture for Greater Impact defines culture as, “…the values, beliefs, and behaviors that determine how […]

Confessions of a Recovering Executive Recruiter

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It never felt right.  After a rewarding career that allowed me to see inside a wide variety of companies and experience a range of strategic directions, and the people who were charged to deliver them, I learned like so many of us that the common denominator to success is people. I wanted to apply all […]

For People Who Want to Write Resumes Good

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Writing a resume or CV today can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially for those who are out of practice or starting from scratch. As our tongue-in-cheek title suggests, it is easy to stumble in this area. We have seen brilliant marketers and salespeople struggle for days to put together a 1 or 2-page sheet of […]

The Training Paradox: How We Rationalize a Failure to Drive Engagement

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Competition vs. Synergy.  Which is it? Does training hold production back or does it lead to increased production?  This is a common issue at nearly every company.  “We don’t have time to train our people now, we have to meet the production results.”  How often have we heard this, and said this, at our companies? […]

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