BEST Employee Handbook Advisory Service

BEST Employee Handbook Advisory Service

Employee Handbook Avisory Committee

At the request of our clients, and due to growing need and ever-changing regulations and work environments, BEST Human Capital & Advisory Group is proud to introduce our BEST Employee Handbook Advisory Service.

An Employee Handbook is a critical tool for every Company today, especially considering the labor and legal challenges that continue to arise. It is a platform for outlining your employee expectations and provides your people an understanding of what they can expect from their Company. In addition, it is risk mitigation because it should clearly state their rights as employees, your legal obligations as an employer, and the Company’s policies and procedures. 

Do you need to develop, review, or rewrite your Employee Handbook?

At its core, the purpose of a Company Employee Handbook is to provide a common understanding between employer and employees, and outline their rights, while also offering protection to the Company against legal action arising out of a lack of knowledge regarding rules and policies. Your people are not mind readers, and a clearly written Employee Handbook can overcome confusion and misunderstanding and avoid expensive legal action and fines. A well-crafted Employee Handbook also brings consistency and uniformity to your Company (expectations and consequences), saves time (a handy reference for your HR Team, employees, and leadership at all levels of the organization), assists in onboarding (compensation, benefits, schedules, reviews, dress code, holidays, and training), and covers critical issues (discrimination, harassment and how to report violations). It also helps your Company comply with the ever-changing myriad of federal, state, and local employment regulations and can often be your best legal defense.

With the BEST Employee Handbook Advisory Service, you can choose the level of service that meets your organizational needs and capabilities:

  1. Full Development – Whether this is your first employee handbook or just an ancient one that has been many years since review and update, we will build the handbook from the ground up to include the whole feel of your company culture through the wording and presentation of the document. In addition, we will identify current/existing policies and research gaps where policies are recommended or needed based on federal, state, and local laws to be included in the handbook and beyond.  
  2. Consultation throughout the Development Process – You know your Company and culture best. You live it daily. We are the experts on compliance, employment law, and human capital risk management. Together, we will partner with you as you develop your handbook, providing consultation, insight, editing, and aid in revising through to the finished product.
  3. Handbook Review: Consultation and Recommendations Only – For the do-it-yourselfers, you take on the heavy lifting. We will conduct a thorough review and make recommendations. However, ultimately, you will develop the document, ensure its cultural alignment, and decide to follow our recommendations or not.  

Our Human Resources professionals have served in HR leadership positions with businesses across various industries and draw upon their extensive experience developing and writing Employee Handbooks that clearly outline employee rights while offering a legal defense for your Company.

Let our seasoned, reputable BEST HR professionals with decades of experience in human resource management guide you through this process and help you develop an Employee Handbook that gets everyone on the same page. Contact us Today!


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