The BEST Process

The BEST Human Capital Process

Providing human capital, industry ­knowledge, and expertise to help clients proactively identify talent and strategies ahead of the need

BEST Human Capital & Advisory Group invests in relevancy and information as the keys to delivering real value in retained executive recruiting and human capital advisory. BEST functional practice focus and in-depth industry subject matter expertise not only keeps BEST relevant but enables us to take the pulse of the industry­ in real-time to provide accurate information. We continuously gain the actionable data that allows us to proactively assist our clients, identifying and delivering C-level positions and top talent, preparing succession, retention, and organizational development plans, even ahead of the need at times.

The BEST Advisory approach delivers the right people at the right time

BEST has delivered high-level, critical hires and human capital advisory for some of the world’s leading companies in our target industries. To us, executive recruiting and human resource advisory is a science, not a transaction. Our recruiting process and methodologies lead to a consultative and trusted advisor relationship with our partners. Joined together with our subject matter expertise and continual communications with our network contacts, we match the right people with the right companies or identify human capital solutions for future organizational health – time and again.

Identifying the BEST Leaders

Before the search begins, we work side-by-side with you to conduct a strategic human capital SWOT analysis that defines the culture, behaviors, key performance indicators (KPIs), business challenges, opportunities, and strategic company objectives. BEST then creates strategic recruitment and human capital plans. From there, we can form an ideal position profile and behavioral interview assessment to ensure we’re on track to find leading industry candidates before we even take the first step in your search.

The BEST subject matter experts have a firm grasp on the dynamics and nuances of the industries targeted, and how they will impact your hiring goals. Supporting our experience is our breadth of reach. We cast a wide net, actively screening candidates across the nation and globally.

Best Behavior Interviewing Models

We assess and “scorecard” each candidate based on their personal, professional, and financial goals, along with behaviors and motivations. By aligning your specific needs with this candidate profile, we can more accurately pinpoint and elicit mutually beneficial, lasting relationships. We call this proprietary process of proven behavioral tools, in tandem with specialized assessment tools we have created: BEST BEHAVIORS®.

Behavioral-based interviewing for Executive Search is an assessment based on discovering how the interviewee acted in specific employment-related situations. The logic is that how you behaved in the past will predict how you will behave in the future (or past performance as a predictor of future performance).

In a traditional interview process still used by many companies, the candidate receives the usual questions, which typically have straight forward answers. “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” “What major challenges and problems did you face? How did you handle them?” “Describe a typical work week?” The answers do not necessarily indicate how a candidate did or does behave but elicits responses that can be scripted or are subjective.

For further information on how to implement the BEST BEHAVIORS® process, please contact the BEST Behavioral Interview Practice Leader, Todd Downing, via Email.

Qualifying the BEST Candidates

By identifying strong candidates from the outset, we can provide an efficient and precise route to your next middle management, technical and C-level executive, or anyone in between. Every candidate we introduce undergoes a detailed qualification assessment. Beyond the requisite qualifications, we also take your needs analysis, behaviors, and position profile into consideration while assessing what motivates our candidate community before we present them to our clients.

Delivering the BEST Talent

We go beyond identifying and qualifying candidates to make sure you’re equipped to make the best choice possible. Our support extends to behavioral assessments, client and candidate interview debriefings, reference checking, counteroffer consultation, and final offer preparation and closing. Our BEST Guarantee provides clients with additional support should a candidate leave on their own volition or be dismissed due to poor performance before the stipulated time frame – BEST will replace at no additional fee.

BEST Follow-Up & Feedback

Even after the professional starts their new role with your company, we take the time to make sure all parties involved are satisfied with the outcome. We address a critical retention strategy step with the development of an onboard schedule inclusive of a 90-day follow up plan. Not only does following-up proactively head off potential candidate/client disconnect, but it also helps us all rectify any loose ends that may have gone unnoticed along the way to refine further our combined process for continued executive recruiting and human capital projects to assist your company’s growth and success.

The BEST Process

BEST Executive Recruiting

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    BEST Human Capital & Advisory Group is a retained executive search and business advisory/consulting firm that specializes in small-to-medium sized companies, with an emphasis in the horticultural, hydroponics/cannabis, consumer products, crisis management and business restructuring categories. BEST serves companies nationwide and globally in an active and evolving market. Through a well-connected network of colleagues and a sophisticated predictive behavioral screening system (that we call “BEST Behaviors”), BEST drives our client’s growth and success through a focused and consultative approach.


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