BEST Succession & Exit Planning

10,000Every Day

Approximately 10,000 Baby Boomers retire every day. Many are business owners, company leaders, or key professionals.

80%Not Saleable

Percent of companies are simply not saleable or do not have a proper professional talent pipeline to continue success.


Of the remaining 20% sold, 12% will not be sold at the original asking price. In many cases, far below the asking price.

BEST Succession & Exit Planning

BEST Succession & Exit Planning

Business Succession Planning

Business leaders and owners frequently approach business succession and exit planning much like a new fitness routine. You know it is necessary, but it always seems to be something that can wait until tomorrow.

Today, business succession planning is both transitional (paving the way for new leaders) and transactional (ready for an exit and sale of the business). In a successful business leadership succession plan, the company needs to be transition-ready (foster and move to new leadership) and transferable (high enterprise value). 

BEST collaborates closely with company leadership and legal and financial professionals to provide strategies for a seamless succession of leaders or the eventual exit from your business. We look at every aspect of your business succession options in order to put together the best plan tailored specifically to your business.

BEST Leadership Succession

Executive leadership is a critical component in the success of all companies. 

THE QUESTION: Who will take over for my executive leadership or me when we retire? The time to start planning is NOW.

BEST Exit Planning

The single most significant financial transaction of your life deserves special attention. 

THE QUESTION: Are you eventually planning to exit and sell your business? The time to start is NOW.


BEST Business & HR Advisory Services

BEST Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

In our continuing effort to bring the BEST tools and insight to our clients for engaging teams at work, we have partnered with Emplify (a 15Five Company), a Forbes-recognized employee engagement firm…

BEST Employee Handbook Advisory

Employee Handbook Advisory Service

Let our seasoned, BEST HR professionals with decades of experience in HR management guide you through this process and help you develop an Employee Handbook that gets everyone on the same page…

BEST Interim HR

Interim HR Leadership

We provide interim human resource leadership for companies going through mergers and acquisitions, suffering from operational or financial distress, seeing explosive organic growth, and more…

BEST Succession & Exit Planning

Succession & Exit Planning

We help identify and grade your talent for leadership succession. We have also partnered with The ExitMap® to provide high-level and high-return exit planning for company owners…

BEST Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning & Development

Effective planning and best practices for onboarding, recruiting, and employee retention. Workforce planning and development tend to be the Achilles heel for many businesses, large and small…


WR2 Human Resource Audit

An extensive and user-friendly analysis and audit, which mitigates compliance issues, and identifies strategic human resource improvements. Middle market businesses often suffer far more exposure…

    BEST Human Capital & Advisory Group

    BEST Human Capital & Advisory Group is a retained executive search and business advisory/consulting firm that specializes in small-to-medium sized companies, with an emphasis in the horticultural, hydroponics, consumer products, crisis management and business restructuring categories. BEST serves companies nationwide and globally in an active and evolving market. Through a well-connected network of colleagues and a sophisticated predictive behavioral screening system (that we call “BEST Behaviors”), BEST drives our client’s growth and success through a focused and consultative approach.


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