Now more than ever, finding the right people and keeping them are among your company’s biggest challenges.

Business owners and senior-level executives are under increasing pressure to see their business consistently run better and grow faster. At BEST Human Capital & Advisory Group, we are engaged in all aspects of the executive search process, starting with defining a search strategy utilizing our proprietary BEST BEHAVIORS® assessment and behavioral interviewing tools from the start all the way through to candidate onboarding. Our goal is to find you the most qualified candidates that best align with your culture.


Planning for Your BEST Exit

BEST Human Capital & Advisory GroupAre you planning to exit, transition to family or employees, or sell your business? The single largest financial transaction of your life deserves special attention. BEST Exit Plan Advisors, CEPAs® (Certified Exit Plan Advisors), and Certified Value Builders™ are extensively trained to manage your tax, legal, business, and financial advisors and to navigate your exit strategy on your terms. Click here to learn more.


Business and Human Resource services tailored to your organization.

BEST WR2 HR AuditrIn today’s business environment, we are finding that our clients need practical tools and experienced thought leaders to manage risk and inject health and energy into their organizations. At BEST Human Capital & Advisory Group, our experienced human resources advisory team provides cost-effective, value-added solutions to improve your HR effort, your financial position, and the overall operations of your business.


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Article in GREENHOUSE GROWER Magazine
Building Your Business With the End in Mind  Stephen Covey coined the phrase, “Begin with the end in mind.” The 85-year-old owner refused to do it and couldn’t accept that exiting your business is inevitable. The real question is whether it will be by choice and on your terms or by chance and…

Article in GREENHOUSE GROWER Magazine
What is Your End Game When it Comes to Owning Your Business? The horticulture industry has been rocked by the closure of several major growers in the past year. A few could have been avoided with proper succession and exit planning. Several didn’t plan and for others…

Article in GREENHOUSE GROWER Magazine
What Does AI Mean to the Future of Human Resources in Horticulture? The future is now for generative AI, which can create new content and ideas and perform many job functions and will continue evolving in every industry and job title. We are fortunate that a smart group of horticulture professionals is helping educate how to utilize AI in…

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Green Senses Podcast

Paige Franks joins the Green Sense Podcast with her thoughts on the Importance of Emotional Intelligence. Click to Listen Now…

Chris Cimaglio talks with Brian Sparks on the Greenhouse Grower to Grower Podcast about Why Having a Succession Plan Is More Critical Than Ever. Click to Listen Now…

KyleTalks Podcast

Paige Franks talks with Kyle Barnett about the Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Horticulture on #KyleTalks. Click to Listen Now…

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Career goals and objectives are constantly evolving, and BEST will listen closely to what is important to a candidate, what motivates a candidate and what behaviors in a culture will suit who that candidate is.


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6+ Reasons to Join Us at Cultivate’24 and Grow Your Business
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We look forward to seeing you July 13-16th at Cultivate’24 in Columbus, Ohio— the Green Industry event offering countless opportunities to grow your business and enhance your career. We will be there with SIX in-person educational sessions on extremely timely industry topics such as talent acquisition, management, succession, exit planning, and more that you will […]

How to Attract Young Professionals to Horticulture and Your Company
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It’s a fact of life – “I don’t understand this younger generation” is a phrase used by every preceding generation since the dawn of recorded time. However, we live in unprecedented times since there are now (5) generations currently in the workforce – Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X (Gen X), Millennials, and Generation Z (Gen […]

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    BEST Human Capital & Advisory Group is a retained executive search and business advisory/consulting firm that specializes in small-to-medium sized companies, with an emphasis in the horticultural, hydroponics, consumer products, crisis management and business restructuring categories. BEST serves companies nationwide and globally in an active and evolving market. Through a well-connected network of colleagues and a sophisticated predictive behavioral screening system (that we call “BEST Behaviors”), BEST drives our client’s growth and success through a focused and consultative approach.


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