BEST Succession & Exit Planning

10,000Every Day

Approximately 10,000 Baby Boomers retire every day. Many are business owners, company leaders, or key professionals.

80%Not Saleable

Percent of companies are simply not saleable or do not have a proper professional talent pipeline to continue success.

78%No Transition Team

Percent of business owners who have no transition team of experts (legal, financial, or other). At the same time, 49% have no exit plan or strategy.

BEST Succession & Exit Planning

Taking BEST Exit and Succession Planning to a New Level for You

CEPAThe single largest financial transaction of your life deserves special attention. 

Are you planning to exit, transition to family or employees, or sell your business? Succession and exit planning are now buzzwords in legal and financial communities. Your advisors position themselves to provide tax, risk management, wealth management, and contract preparation services.

BEST Human Capital & PivotPoint Business Solutions

BEST is from the industry and knows your challenges. Therefore, we have formed a partnership with PivotPoint Business Solutions to engage in accelerating the value and planning a direction for your business as you begin considering your transition or exit. We use tools from The ExitMap®, Value Builder™, and our expertise to look at multiple areas and value drivers in your business, including financial readiness, ease of planning, revenue streams, and operational efficiency. Your BEST Advisor will then work with your team of advisors to optimize each in preparation for succession or sale and address three critical steps: DISCOVER (assessment, valuation, and planning), PREPARE (value acceleration through business improvements, and DECIDE to become transition ready.

Your BEST & PivotPoint Exit Plan Advisors, CEPAs® (Certified Exit Plan Advisors), and Certified Value Builders™ are extensively trained to manage your tax, legal, business, and financial advisors and to navigate your exit strategy on your terms.

Exit Map SnapshotThe first step in the planning process is to complete an ExitMap® Assessment. The online assessment tool is the first step in the process. It will reveal your overall preparedness for transition, detailing four critical areas: financial readiness, ease of planning, revenue streams, and operational efficiency. The result is a 12-page summary report broken down by each area. Then, should you decide to continue the exit planning process, we provide a complete Exit Map Analysis for business owners. It is a 40-page report detailing the importance, urgency, and difficulty associated with each response given in the assessment.

There is one indisputable fact – 100% of owners will eventually exit their businesses. The ExitMap® Assessment is a multiple-choice questionnaire that does not ask for confidential or financial information. Nevertheless, it is a critical first step in starting the discussion and planning process. Click here for FAQs and more information concerning our free, no-obligation exit planning assessment.

DISCOVER: What is Your Business Worth?

BizEquityOne of the most challenging aspects of your eventual exit will be the business appraisal and valuation process. BEST makes it easy as we utilize advanced metrics gathered from BizEquity®, the industry leader. We incorporate each primary valuation approach to get the most accurate valuation of your business. The process includes analyzing income, assets, markets, comparable sales data, financial data (benchmarking), and industry data (risk assessment) from a diverse, growing, and global collection of resources. As data is entered, we will get an immediate, real-time valuation of your business that changes and updates with market fluctuations.

Knowledge is power, and knowing your business’s value allows the business owner to ensure their plans and goals are on the right track – a business valuation can put you ahead, especially when working with a buyer.

Contact us for a reliable and accurate valuation of your business, which you can use to develop a realistic exit plan. Let us generate a business valuation to give you the facts to make sound financial and business decisions.

Value Builder Score ReportThe Value Builder System incorporates several diagnostic tools, including the Value Builder Score, an evaluation system driven by an algorithm that evaluates a business on the eight core values acquirers consider when buying companies. The Value Builder Score provides a comprehensive assessment of the “Sellability” of your business, whether you want to sell next year or to know that you’re building a valuable asset for the future. As CEPAs and Certified Value Builders, our team is qualified to interpret your Value Builder Score. Those businesses that achieve a Value Builder Score of 90 or greater are worth double the average-performing company. At BEST, our goal is to dramatically increase your business’s value, anticipating a future sale or ownership transition.

Dear Future, Im ReadyBefore you think about hanging your boots up— Are you ready? You see that question a lot when talking about succession and exit planning. Your financial and emotional readiness defines your transition readiness. The planning stage brings it all together, but we also need to address the emotional side. After all, we have seen business owners whose passion, hobby, and career are all wrapped up in their business. How do we not end up in the 75% of owners who played one round of golf and profoundly regret leaving their business in just 12 months?

Contact us, and we will partner with you to identify which value drivers will optimize your company’s value. The resulting exit plan will identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Improving the risks and vulnerabilities will help determine the best timing and ways to exit your business at its highest value. Whether you are ready to sell and exit or stay and continue to grow your business— you are now prepared to do it on your timetable and maximize your return.

When to Start? NOW!

Exit MapYour business exit plan may include seeking to transfer ownership to family members, help employees in a leveraged buyout, or sell it to a third party. Each of those strategies could take years to implement in a way that maximizes value and minimize taxes. Let BEST lead your professional team through a collaborative process focused on supporting and accomplishing your objectives.


Seminar Video

The last three years have profoundly affected professionals, with many choosing to retire early. As a result, we are experiencing an increase in both succession and exit planning across a wide variety of industries. 

Due to our Exit Planning Advisory services, BEST was asked to put together a seminar at a recent virtual trade event to address the coming surge of Baby Boomer retirements and business exits. Thus, we created a timely on-demand educational session on this topic called Succession Planning When There is No Succession that summarizes our exit planning process.

Free eBook for Viewing the Seminar!

Beating the Boomer BustFor viewing the seminar, simply complete the form information below or email us, and we will gladly send you a copy of BEATING THE BOOMER BUST by John F. Dini, CExP, CBI, CMBA, and Creator of The ExitMap® system at no charge.

The eBook is an informative look at the retiring generation of business owners and why preparation is vital to financial success. Also, let us know if you are interested in taking our FREE ONLINE ASSESSMENT.

Thank you, and let’s get started on your plan today!


The BEST Blog

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The single largest financial transaction of your life deserves special attention. 

Are you planning to exit and sell your business? Exit planning is quickly becoming a buzzword in the legal and financial communities. Your professional advisors are positioning themselves to provide tax, risk management, wealth management, and contract preparation services. BEST Exit Plan Advisor has been trained to manage your team of tax, legal, business, and financial planners to navigate your exit strategy. If you want to see how prepared you are for transition, take the Free 15-minute Assessment: ExitMap Assessment Widget

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Your ExitMap Blog gathers contributions from top exit planning professionals across the country indexed into four categories. They include select strategies for planning your exit, ideas for building your company’s value, transfer options you can choose from, or preparing to enjoy your post-exit lifestyle. This page shows the most recent posts from Your ExitMap Blog.


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The single most significant financial transaction and career transition of your life deserve special attention. We look forward to talking with you about how BEST | PivotPoint Exit Planning can help you and your business successfully transition to new leadership. Regardless of whether you want to move on in 1 year or 5 years, the time to start planning is NOW. Contact us today:

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