Planning for Your BEST Exit

Emerging Leadership and Coaching to help create your exit plan

The single largest financial transaction of your life deserves special attention. 

Are you planning to exit and sell your business? Exit planning is quickly becoming a buzzword in the legal and financial communities. Tens of thousands of professional advisors are positioning themselves to provide tax, risk management, wealth management, and contract preparation services to this flood of sellers. The most effective and efficient approach to exit planning is to select a single professional who can manage all the others in the process.

BEST Human Capital Advisors have been trained and certified to manage your team of tax, legal, business, and financial planners to navigate your exit strategy. BEST has partnered with The ExitMap® to plot a general direction for your business as you begin considerations for your exit. The resulting “exit map” doesn’t provide turn-by-turn navigation to your destination, but looks at multiple areas of your business, and how prepared you are to transition. 

Your business exit plan may include seeking to transfer ownership to family members, help employees in a leveraged buyout, or sell it to a third party. Each of those strategies could take years to implement in a way that maximizes value and minimize taxes. 

The first step is to complete the assessment below. Be sure to enter the information for one of our Certified Human Capital Advisors should you wish to review the results of your evaluation. 

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