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Employee EngagementEmployee engagement relates to the level of an employee’s commitment and connection to an organization. Executives from around the world say that enhancing employee engagement is one of their top five global business goals. As a critical business driver in today’s highly competitive environment, employee engagement can have a significant impact on your company’s bottom line. According to the Workplace Research Foundation, increasing employee engagement investments by 10% can increase profits by $2,400 per employee per year.

A highly engaged workforce is the key to retaining top talent within your organization, driving high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty for sustained growth. However, how do you know if your workforce is engaged or not? Do you realize the financial impact that low employee engagement is having on your business’s bottom line? Once you identify lack of employee engagement as an issue, how can you solve this problem?

BEST in Partnership with EMPLIFY

According to Gallup, nearly 70% of the workforce today is disengaged, causing employees and businesses to suffer dramatically due to increased turnover, low commitment, and reduced productivity. As part of our BEST HR Advisory services and solutions, we are very excited to announce a new partnership to help transform workplaces to company cultures that are flat-out better than their competition.

In our continuing effort to bring the BEST tools and insight to our clients for engaging teams at work, we have partnered with Emplify, a Forbes-recognized employee engagement firm. Emplify is on a mission to change today’s disengaged employees and help millions in America’s workforce to find meaning in their work. Here is a video from the Co-Founder of Emplify that explains what we do:


Working with the Team at BEST, Emplify measures employee engagement QUARTERLY to give you closer-to-real-time data about how your staff views the organization, their managers, and their roles within the company. The powerful “heat map” it creates shows leaders exactly where problem areas exist as they slice and dice the data into targeted segments of their workforce (by the department, location, generation, tenure, and more).

Emplify Engagement Drivers

Emplify provides scientifically-based employee feedback surveys that allow our team to take a deeper dive into company cultures and pinpoint root causes of disengagement.

FeedbackBy collecting anonymous feedback regularly, it gives teams and leaders real-time insights from scientific data where we can quickly impact change. Emplify’s 250% year-over-year sales growth is the result of huge successes decreasing turnover and upticks in production for their customers.

If you’re looking to bring more meaning to your employees’ work experience, increase employee engagement and productivity, then start running your company based on proven predictive data. We can set up an exploratory conversation to discuss your goals and showcase our process with Emplify.


At BEST, we help our clients understand the business case in support of employee engagement, shine a light on nature and drivers for employee engagement, and collaborate with our clients to help them develop active employee engagement initiatives and strategies. By understanding the current state, pain points, and desired outcomes of your strategic business initiatives, we will help to establish HR best and next practices that can increase engagement, improve communication opportunities and methods, and resolve your issues related to employee engagement.

For more information, view or download our Emplify Overview (PDF) or Contact Us today.


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