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The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry has gone through its fair share of ups and downs in recent years. CPG producers at all levels are still trying to figure out where to fit in the face of brick and mortar and online challenges, and ever changing consumer demands thanks in large part to the increased connectivity of our world. To meet these challenges, CPG companies are having to identify the strategic areas of growth potential and bring in individuals and talent that can help reach that potential.

BEST Human Capital and Advisory Group has a combined 60+ years of consumer product sales, marketing, and executive search experience for when consumer product companies need direction. This familiarity allows BEST to help companies in the CPG space support growth via building out sales teams, find and advise about areas of growth opportunity, and find and onboard the leadership to take your company to new heights. BEST relies on its industry knowledge and extensive network connections to be a resource for its partners in whatever capacity is needed.


Search & Hire Examples

BEST has an extensive amount of connections in the CPG space. Whether you are interested in finding a career or hiring for your business, review these noteworthy BEST search and hire examples:

  • C-Level and President
  • Vice President of Sales
  • Vice President of Marketing
  • Director of Sales
  • Director of New Business Development
  • Commercial Business Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Global E-Commerce Channel Lead
  • National Sales Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Territory Sales Representative
  • Marketing Communications Coordinator

Industry-Specific Recruiting

Are you a leader in the consumer products industry that needs top talent to keep pace with the everchanging retail and wholesale environment? Do you struggle to find top-line talent that achieves the objectives you need to be successful? BEST can align you with these individuals quickly and seamlessly. Taking a behavioral approach, BEST not only matches a candidate’s qualifications to your needs but also finds a cultural fit. Reach out to BEST to see what this can look like for you.


CPG Executive Search

  • Thorough Skill & Behavioral Assessment
  • Confidential Searching & Screening
  • Financial Flexibility
  • High Integrity 
  • Full-Service Business & HR Advisory

Practice Leaders

Chris Cimaglio

Chris Cimaglio

With over 30 years of consumer product experience, including more than nine years as President of a Lawn & Garden sales and marketing firm in Chicago, Chris leads our Retained Executive Search in CPG, PPE, and Retail as well as several of our Business Advisory Services. “Working deeply in CPG over the years has allowed me to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to talent, behaviors, and the skills and experience needed to make a difference and a lasting impact.”


Todd Downing

Todd enjoys helping consumer product companies solve the complexity that rapid change in consumer purchasing habits has brought forward over the last decade. This evolution requires companies to identify professionals with new and different skill sets. “My decades of consumer product experience covering multiple product categories, retail, and distribution channels have been invaluable in supporting clients in identifying the top talent their organization needs today and well into tomorrow.”

Industry Associations & Publication Partners

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Do you need Company leadership, Sales and Marketing Managers, VPs, Directors, or Production/Supply Chain leaders to build, enhance, or grow your product channels in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry? Whether you are focused on overall revenue growth, product or market expansion, or a shrinking budget, contact us today:

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    BEST Human Capital & Advisory Group is a retained executive search and business advisory/consulting firm that specializes in small-to-medium sized companies, with an emphasis in the horticultural, hydroponics, consumer products, crisis management and business restructuring categories. BEST serves companies nationwide and globally in an active and evolving market. Through a well-connected network of colleagues and a sophisticated predictive behavioral screening system (that we call “BEST Behaviors”), BEST drives our client’s growth and success through a focused and consultative approach.


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